a new look for article marketing

With the tremendous amount of traffic that online videos receive, and considering the fact that YouTube has risen to the #2 ranked search engine in the world, it is no wonder that Internet Marketers have spread their wings into using videos to get their messages to the public. Video Marketing is increasing in popularity and hence, the traditional form of Article Marketing is sharing the new look: Video Article Marketing.

Like the old-fashioned Article Marketing, submitting Articles to Article Directories for publication, Video Marketing is a free form of advertising. This makes it a medium of high interest to Internet Marketers. When it comes to Video Article Marketing, the main challenge could be in transforming articles to “pictures” that can be converted into a video.

If attempted manually, the process involves typing individual sentences or small paragraphs into video slideshow software slides one by one, then processing the slideshow. This can be time consuming and to the Internet Marketer, “Time is Money”. There are software services available that will automatically convert articles to videos, but these can become costly, usually charging a monthly fee that is determined by the number of videos the marketer wants to create. As a result, Video Article Marketing might lose some of its attractiveness.

Not to give up, there is a method of creating Video Articles without spending a lot of time or money, utilizing tools that most Internet Marketers already own or can obtain without a penny of expense. All that is necessary is the standard “notepad” that exists on every computer; Microsoft’s “PowerPoint” software, and freeware that can be found by doing an internet search that will convert the PowerPoint slides into a video.

The process is extremely simple and relatively quick:

1) Paste or open the article body into notepad.

2) Format the article, leaving a blank line in between each group of words that is desired to appear on individual PowerPoint slides.

3) Save the notepad file in “text” format.

4) Go to PowerPoint and open the text file that was saved using notepad. Once opened, the sentences or words that were formatted (with a blank line in between) will appear on sequential slides.

5) Go through the PowerPoint slides one by one and make each slide a “title” slide.

6) Save the project as a PowerPoint presentation.

7) Open the PowerPoint-to-video software and load in the PowerPoint presentation file. Select a conversion to “avi” and you can also specify an audio soundtrack to be added during the conversion process.

8) Execute the conversion.

Once the conversion is complete, you can simply upload the avi file to YouTube and “voila!”, your article was converted to video without a hitch, without cost, and without you having to spare too much time.

Article Marketing has taken on a new look. Video Article Marketing has joined the competition in becoming a widespread and very cost-effective means of marketing promotion. Video Articles also seem to be well-received by video viewers, who, in addition to pure entertainment, are seeking information when they turn their attention to the internet.

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